Resolutions and Adventure!

I used to be the person who warned about setting resolutions that weren’t attainable. And I’m thankful we still have those reminders out there. Because I’ve set resolutions at the New Year and I’ve abandoned them by Jan 4. (This may be the best article I’ve read about this lately–“Forget Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead“)

But after my year of ADVENTURE (which you can read about here, here, and here), I think I’m becoming a fan of ridiculous goals that will, in all likelihood end in failure.

Because isn’t that where the adventure is?

Thomas Edison tried over 1,000 times before he successfully invented the light bulb. His comment on that?

“I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

It has been through my risks and failures that I’ve learned things about myself and grown and even “blossomed”. (Although I do not like that word. Seems so cliche.) I feel I’m much more myself now than I was before my year of adventure.


Sure, I could say my New Year’s Resolution is to exercise more and eat more fruit because it is a part of a healthy lifestyle.


That’s less a resolution and more just something I ought to be doing anyway.

After my year with Adventure, I’m less interested in always playing it safe. The things that brought life to me this year came when I said “yes” to something when every fiber of my being was screaming “no”.

So maybe that is one of  my resolutions this year to come.

I will say “yes” when I would rather say “no”.

I’ll still say “no” to things that I’m not being called to do. This isn’t about saying yes to more committees or meetings or obligations.

This is about stepping out into uncomfortable places and trusting God has something for me in the experience. For those of you who know me in real life, you know that while I’ll say just about anything to just about anyone, I’m not much of a risk taker. I’m happy to watch from a safe distance while people go off on adventure. So my idea of an uncomfortable risk may be your safe and boring decision.

I will continue with belly dance classes, and will let friends know when I’ll be dancing in public. These classes have been a gift to me this past year.  I had to give up on running because of phrases from my orthopedist like “arthritis of a much older woman” and “you don’t have any cartilage in your knees as other people do”, so dance has been a good physical activity and a challenging one.

the wonderful women with whom I get to dance

the wonderful women with whom I get to dance

I will continue to be more comfortable with my own discomfort. This year I wore a Snow White costume at church, I belly danced in public (as mentioned above), I spoke to a committee of the legislature about why including gender identity and sexual orientation to Human Rights legislation is a Christian thing to do.


Snow White Went to Church

And while these are vastly different in terms of their importance to the wider world, they all pushed me out into places I hesitated to go.


Join us Jan 11 as we rally again to get the legislature to listen to us!

And here are the resolutions that will likely end in abject failure, but who knows:

Re-learn German.

Wander the streets in every new city I visit this year, knowing I might get lost.

Ride a horse. (I’ve ridden a camel but never a horse).

Voluntarily XC ski down a scary hill. (I’m more of a gradual incline sort of girl when I’m on skis).

Talk to more strangers, trusting it will make them less strange.

Here’s to 2014! What are you willing to risk this year? Whether you are cautious or bold, may you live into your best self, even if you fail along the way!

9 thoughts on “Resolutions and Adventure!

  1. Interesting. I’m trying to fight back the desire to be able to read along with what I’m hearing on the radio. Can’t decide if that means I’m a visual learner, or if it is just what I’m most used to. (And my kids are wondering why I’m listening to the news in German).


    • Maybe you could get an audiobook and a book of the same text and practice with that?

      What’s your goal for Berlin? Reading faster, talking to people, understanding what’s going on? You can also watch the livestream German news from if it helps to see a face.


      • We’ll have a tour guide, but would like to be able to interact with people on a basic level and understand what I’m hearing. It seems to still be buried in my head somewhere–as I’m listening, it is coming back.


      • yeah, I think that’s the thing. You have to hear it quite a bit. You can have it on in the background and phrases will work their way back into your mind …


      • I hope you have a great time! I got to live there for a year and it is still one of my favorite places on the planet.


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