I’ve been memed….

Still not sure quite what it is, but my friend Jill has challenged me. Who can resist?
She “tagged” me to do this thing where I’m supposed to blog about “six uninteresting things about me.” It’s called a meme. “For those of you who don’t know what a meme is, you can read this site that explains it in detail. Or I’ll just tell you: it’s a bunch of questions someone with a blog answers and then tags some other people with blogs and they answer the same questions and so on and so forth.”
1. Despite my current level of extrovertedness, I used to be paralyzingly shy. I once (in 4th grade) hid in my friend Sarah Wolf’s hedge because I was afraid to talk to some boys who came down the street.
2. The Shibboleth episode of The West Wing makes me cry. Every time. It is the one where my president gives Charlie the turkey carving knife made by Paul Revere and then handed down in the Bartlett family ever since. It also has the Chinese Christian immigrants and CJ having to lead children in song and babysit turkeys. Best ever.
3. I drove a white 1974 Ford Pinto in high school. It was not very cool, but I could fit my great dane and my cello in the back. I sold it for more money than my parents paid for it.
4. I was on Romper Room when I was 4 years old.
5. At Girls State, in 1986, I was elected to attend Girls’ Nation. I think the elected me because I wore suits. I met President Reagan in the White House. He told us to support Star Wars when we were old enough to vote.
6. I really like labyrinths. They are not the same as mazes.

4 thoughts on “I’ve been memed….

  1. Romper Room???!!! I rode on a parade float with the RR lady…what was her name?…when I was about that same age. But she never saw me in that darn mirror. Thanks for taking the “meme challenge.” No bad things will happen to you for not tagging others. For what it’s worth, I found those things about you rather interesting. 🙂


  2. They taped a whole bunch of episodes in one day, so my mom had to pack all of my cutie dresses and bring them to the station. Then she had to find a way to rescue my hair by the last episodes, which was no small task.I recall being very bored by the time it was all over. What was her name???


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