Always Come Back Home

Graduation season is upon us. We’ll be recognizing graduating seniors in worship on Sunday. I don’t even have a kid graduating this year, and I’m already fretting about how in the world I will be able to pray over these kids without weeping.

I have thought back to when Alden graduated. Here’s a post I wrote when we moved him into the dorm. I still think the house is too quiet when he’s not here. He will be interning in Chicago this summer (at Fourth Presbyterian Church) and then heading to Spain for the fall semester, which means our house will remain too quiet for much of the rest of the year. At the same time, I’m so excited for what he’s doing and for all he will experience.

I’m grateful to have one more year with Elliott at home. I am trying to keep that in the front of my mind as I stand on the soccer sidelines during inclement weather. I’ve decided not to return to my dance classes until he goes to college because those evening hours are the only time I get to see him during the day. I want to be present for his last year, as much as I can.


This is the video shown in worship on Sunday.

“Son, in life you’re gonna go far, and if you do it right you’ll love where you are.
Just know, that wherever you go, you can always come home”.

These lyrics sum up pretty well the hopes I have for my sons. I feel fortunate to have kids that are going to go far, even if it takes them away from me. I know that’s part of the deal.

“Son, sometimes it may seem dark, but the absence of the light is a necessary part.
Just know, you’re never alone, you can always come back home“.

As long as they know they’re never alone, it will be okay.

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