There’s a Woman in the Pulpit

You may have noticed the RevGalBlogPal icon on the right side of my blog. I’m proud to be one of the many female clergy who blog and who are connected to each other through the Rev Gals. I have met some of these women IRL (or in the real world) and many more I only know through our online interaction.

Many of “my” good ideas were generously shared in stories they told and in suggestions they have offered to me. I’m a better minister and a healthier person because of their collaboration, their prayers, and their friendship.

RevGals on 2015 Big Event (a Continuing Education Cruise)

RevGals on 2015 Big Event (a Continuing Education Cruise)

And now we have a book!

I’m very excited to have written one of the chapters in this book. My chapter is called “The Body of Christ Shimmies” and talks about what I learned about Jesus (and myself) in my belly dancing classes. I read a number of the other chapters before it went to the publisher and each of them inspired me. I’m really excited to see the final product.

Here’s what Rev Carol Howard Merritt said in the foreward:

“In ministry, we constantly balance the sacred and the ordinary, juggling the two as expertly as we manage a chalice and a [baby] bottle. Even as we do things as simple as light the candles, set the table, break the bread and pour the wine, we invite people into a holy moment…. The women [in this book] not only have a wellspring of deep wisdom, but they also have the ability to dish out their knowledge with side-aching humor…. I am thrilled that their great wisdom and intelligence will be bound into the pages that I can turn to, lend and appreciate for years to come.”

And you will be too! Here is my shameless plug for the book.

It is available at or at Skylight Paths Publishing. You may be able to find it in other bookstores after next week. Most of my writing is “free” and available to anyone on this blog. Hope you will support this project too. Thanks for reading!

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