Being Podcasted

One of my good friends, Rocky Supinger, has a podcast, in which he talks to people about the things they do that are interesting to him.

The link to the podcast is here. We talked about my political advocacy and how that fits with my pastoral call. We talked about my experience meeting President Reagan when I was in high school and the responsibility of political leaders to speak for the voiceless and not just be ideologues. We talked about why I’m so passionate about women’s reproductive rights and about my adoption experience in college. We talked about the art of writing and being edited, and the experience of blogging, among many other things.

I was glad to do it when Rocky asked me. What surprised me about the experience though is being reminded of how important it is to take the time to listen, to be in actual conversation with the people who matter to us, asking them about the things that are of value in their lives.

I listen a lot in the course of my day. I want to make sure I remain intentional about listening well, and without distractions. I don’t always feel listened to, though, the way I did by Rocky on the podcast. What a gift.

Thanks, Rocky!

with Rocky and some other good friends for study leave in December 2014

with Rocky and some other good friends for study leave in December 2014

2 thoughts on “Being Podcasted

  1. Add to the list of things I did not know about Marci that you met Reagan. When you run for President will we see a picture of you together a la Kennedy / Bill Clinton? đŸ™‚ I like your voice, btw.


    • I don’t think I have any pictures from that trip. Somewhere at my parents house is a tray of slides.
      Reagan didn’t have time for photo ops with 100 teens who might not all grow up to be Republicans!


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