In Defense of Love

I’ve written plenty of posts about why I think marriage equality is a Christian value.

And I recognize my privilege to speak about it from the comfort of my 22 year old, heterosexual marriage. Nobody put up roadblocks when Justin and I wanted to be married.

I invite you to take five minutes and watch this testimony from a member of Southminster who spoke in favor of the Presbyterian Church’s pending amendment that would allow marriage equality in the PCUSA.

Andy and his husband Chris are active members at the church I serve. I’ve written about their story before. The story in Andy’s own words is worth your time.

I’m grateful for Chris and Andy and for their willingness to stand as witness to God’s compelling grace in their lives.

(If you’re interested in the voting totals from the presbyteries, Covenant Network is keeping a list here. Glad to say Boise Presbytery voted in favor of marriage equality after Andy and others spoke last week.)

3 thoughts on “In Defense of Love

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I needed no convincing, but golly–powerful testimony. I am grateful that people like Andy and Chris are willing to help bring us to where we need to be…and for churches like yours. Waiting to vote at the next presbytery meeting!


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