My STAR word for 2015 is MIRACLE.


(You can read about our congregation’s tradition in a number of posts at the “STARward” tab at the top of this blog).

Since we started passing out words on Epiphany, my words have been




and now MIRACLE

I know it is a “churchy” word, describing things not explicable by human law or understanding, attributed to God.

But when I think of miracle, the usage that comes to mind is sports. “Miracle” is just an adjective in sports. I even found an article listing the top 10 sports miracles of all time.

And this video with the top 10 miracle NFL plays of all time is entertaining.

Alden offered this video clip for a soccer miracle.

When you think about sports miracles, you realize that for a play or outcome to be miraculous, it is only good news for one team. The Soviets certainly never referred to the “miracle on ice” after that game. Here’s what the Russian goalie Evgeni Nabokov told Fox News on the 30th anniversary about the “miracle”.

“In the States, I know it’s such a big deal — even 30 years later, you guys still talk about that,” Nabakov said. “But to us, because I think we were winning so many other Olympics, to be honest, I don’t even remember that, because we knew if we lost this one, we can win the next one, and that’s what they did.”

So, a miracle is in the eyes of the beholder.

And that made me think of a quote attributed to Einstein (but likely not by him):

everything-is-a-miracleOf course, there are more than “only two ways” to live your life. I do like the idea, though, that miracles are there for those willing to see them.

Each year, I like to look up the roots of the word I draw. Here’s what I found about miracle:

from Latin miraculum “object of wonder”

from mirari “to wonder at, marvel, be astonished,” figuratively “to regard, esteem,”

from mirus “wonderful, astonishing, amazing,” earlier *smeiros, “to smile, laugh” (cf. Sanskrit smerah “smiling,” Greek meidan “to smile,” Old Church Slavonic smejo “to laugh;” seesmile(v.)).

I love the idea that at its root, a miracle is something that makes us smile.

Maybe today I’ll pay attention to the things that make me smile and see if I see any miracles.

(If you’d like a star word for the year, leave a comment and I will draw one for you.)

What is your word for the year?

Where do you see miracles?


23 thoughts on “Miracle

  1. I like this redefinition of an overused word. Einstein had the right idea: to live each day with wonder in our eyes. Seems like a recipe for joy!


  2. My word last year was “humor”. I didn’t realize how much I needed that word until I tried to bring more humor into my life. I’ve always loved to laugh and enjoy humorous things….didn’t realize it was lacking. Thank you so much for giving me that word, Marci, it helped! I’d like another word for 2015.


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  4. Happy New Year Marci! I love your congregations tradition. Would you please draw me a word for the year too? Thanks in advance, Janet A.


  5. I think you have a good thing going with your STAR ward tradition. We have thought a lot about miracles in the last ten years Marci. I think it would be an appropriate time in my journey to have a word to work on. Thanks


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