Star Reflections

Here are some reflections from around the blogosphere from folks about their new star words.

The Pudgy Parson wrote “Joyful and Triumphant” about her word “Triumph”.

Whitney, at Glimpses of Grace wrote “Found in Translation” about her word, “Vision”.

Mary Beth begins her ruminations on “Testimony” at “Watch This Space” over at Terrapin Station.

The Vicar of Hogsmeade was chosen by the word “True” and has written at “Star Word“.

Rob wrote about “Heart” at “The Word for the Year: Heart“.

At Beautiful and Terrible, Robin blogged about “healing” at “Reverence: Healing“.

Julie at Dark Threads and Golden wrote about “Energy” (and many other awesome posts!) at “Energy 2“.

Jen at Narrating Grace was chosen by the word “Mercy” and started her reflections at “Star Words“.

Clever Title Here wrote about “Plenty” at “The Year of Plenty“.

Unfinished Symphony wrote “Words to Guide Me” about her word “Vitality”.

Altar Ego at Reverent Irreverence has reflected at “Star Words” on her word “Competence”.

Nikki at Pilgrim’s Progress wrote “Star Followers and Star Words” about “Renewal”.

Elaine wrote “A starword” at the Edge.

Over 250 words have been distributed this week (140 or so in worship and over 100 through this blog, Facebook, and email) so hope to add more links here. If I missed yours, please leave it in the comments!

I’m still working on my word, “Pleasure”, but will have a reflection up soon!

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