Friday Five: May Play

Here is the prompt this morning from Patricia over at RevGalBlogPals:

It’s May! And it smells so good outside. I can close my eyes and remember the golden hours after dinner as the days grew later and later, and we got to play outside until called home. It makes me want to go outside right now and play!

Of course, not all of us are in the northern hemisphere… plenty of RevGals and Pals are experiencing a season that is turning cold and blustery.

So to all of you, wherever you may be, how will you (or would you like to) play this month?

1. Tell about your favorite outdoor play

For all the time I spent as a kid watching bad TV and reading, I was also outside a lot. There were a lot of kids in the neighborhood and a big tree lined boulevard running up the middle of the street, a big park a block away. Lots of chasing and being chased on bikes by boys on bikes. Many football games. When the leaves were on the ground, we’d rake them into big piles and leap into them. Or we’d rake them into the floor plan of a house and live in it all afternoon.


One of my many college football teams

My favorite outdoor play though, was probably football. Powderpuff in high school (Go Artemiad!) and intramurals (both co-ed and women’s) in college. Had a knee injury during senior year’s play offs, and have been thinking about that recovery a lot this past week as I’m recovering from another surgery on the same knee. The ghost of the knee that was. We never appreciate our knees until they don’t work right, do we?

2. Tell about your favorite indoor play

In college, I also learned to play Bridge. Luckily, one of the foursome graduated before the rest of us. That kept us from flunking out of college because we were spending too much time playing cards. I love card games. I married into a family that loves them more than I do. Bridge, Spoons, Hearts, Golf, War, Slap Jack, Egyptian Rat Screw, Bulls$&t, you name it.

Our friends Meg and John have long been Bridge partners for us. Wish we lived closer and saw them more often, but lots of laughter while playing Bridge with them!
3. Tell about a game you (or your friends) created

I am not an inventor. I am a great fan of what other people invent.

My husband and his friend David invented a game they called “Soccer Tennis”. It is tennis-ish but played with a soccer ball, on a tennis court. No racquets, just kicking the ball back and forth over the net. It can be quite cut throat, but if you like soccer, and have access to a tennis court, give it a try.
4. Tell about a game that is new to you

My family has so many games and plays so many games, there is always one that feels new to me. Settlers of Catan is one we’ve enjoyed playing in the last few years.

But the game that feels newest to me is more dance than game. New in the “I have no idea what I’m doing” sense. New in the “this is a lot of fun, but I still don’t have any idea what I’m doing” sense. New in the “I hope I’m still doing this for years down the road” sense. And that is Belly Dance. I’m signing up for the summer session after my first 3 month session ends in a few weeks.  I love it. It feels playful. It helps me take myself less seriously. It brings joy.
5. Tell how you would like to incorporate play into your workday

I feel my work day is not all serious. By the end of the day, I’ve laughed with people, often enjoyed meals together, and generally enjoyed all my interactions. I serve a fun church! I do keep action figures in my office–just in case. But I don’t play kickball or anything. Need to think of what play would look like in my context.

My friend Stephanie just  purchased my doppelganger at a Portland area Goodwill.

my doppelganger

my doppelganger–although I need to work up to that eye shadow

And I predict that she is soon to be the star of some “Time with the Children” videos or slide shows, along with The Abominable Snowman, the Borg Jean Luc Picard, Legolas, and Aragorn. The train conductor from Conjunction Junction and the Bill might make guest appearances from time to time. I don’t really do video, but my doppelganger loves it.


The supporting cast

Hope your weekend is filled with play!

5 thoughts on “Friday Five: May Play

  1. Fun! Thanks for playing and spurring me on to try this FF. It’s good that you know to play bridge and do it–it’s always intimidated me, so I’ve never tried. And what is “doppelganger”?


  2. your action figures are much more fun than mine. I have Jesus and Mary and St. Gertrude (patron saint of cats), along with a collection of stuffed animals. LOL. AT home I have a Jane Austen action figure complete with a lap desk–haha!


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