Friday Five: Random

Here is the prompt from Karla at Revgals today:

1.  How are you doing?  What’s going on in your life?

Generally, I would say life is good and life is busy. The usual.

But I have been dealing with a misbehaving knee for a while. After finally seeing the doctor when it didn’t go away on its own, it looks like I will be having surgery on April 23 to repair my meniscus. In the scheme of things, this isn’t a big deal and will hopefully allow me to return to most of my regularly scheduled life.

But my running career (pathetic and erratic as it has been) appears to be at an end. The surgeon told me I have more arthritis in that knee than a woman of my tender age should have. I suspect I was managing that situation (before the meniscus tear this winter) by running short mileage, every other day, and only on dirt trails.

The surgery ought to allow me to return to hiking the trails, even if I can’t run on them. And I should be able to dance, and xc ski, and ride my awesome new bike. We’ll see. Perhaps he’ll get in there and it will look better than the MRI suggested. In any case, I’m hoping for some relief of pain and return to activities I can’t really do right now.

2.  Have you ever resigned from a position?  What was the good-bye like?

Yes. Too many times. All of my resignations came because we were moving somewhere new for either my husband’s or my schooling. And all of the churches were most gracious and loving, sending us off in good style. I would have stayed at any of those places much longer had the situation allowed. I am thankful to still have good friends and colleagues from each of those churches.

3. So, we are still resurrecting…still getting used to New Life!!  What is a source of new life for you?

My belly dancing class. You can read more about why I started taking the class here. But I am having so much fun. I have not yet progressed to anything actually resembling belly dancing, but it doesn’t matter. Really enjoying it. I want to stick with it. I want to always be taking a dance class. Maybe flamenco next? Who’s in?!

4.  My friend is running the marathon on Friday, because it is on her bucket list.  What is something on your bucket list?

I’ve never really had a bucket list because often the things that randomly happen to me in my life have been much better and more exciting than anything I would have dreamed up. For example, going to the Middle East was never on a list of something I wanted to do (remember I am a big chicken) but when the opportunity presented itself in seminary, I went and it was amazing.

Sunrise from Mt Sinai, 2006

Sunrise from Mt Sinai, 2006

So, while I’m willing to continue to let the Holy Spirit write my bucket list on my behalf (since she does a better job at it than I would), here are a few things I would consider. Personally, there are still places in the world I want to see. Europe, Africa, wherever. Ready for a trip. Professionally, maybe there’s a book in me somewhere, waiting to be written?

5.  Tell us about one precious thing (tangible) you keep around your house, your altar, your pocket, and what is its story?

I am a bit of a pack rat, although not nearly as bad as some. But I have rubbermaid totes filled with school projects from the boys. I recently went through (and then mostly recycled) all of the mail I received in college. (Remember when we used to write letters?) Many of my “precious things” I keep around are photos of loved ones, art we have picked up on our travels, pinch pots the boys made in school.

shelf of treasures

shelf of treasures

So, that’s it for me this week. How are you? Love to hear about your treasures, bucket lists, and resurrection life!

5 thoughts on “Friday Five: Random

  1. I am so glad the BellyDancing is fun. I really liked reading about your story to getting to that class. I am so, so sorry about having to have surgery~~yuck. YUCK. Will be thinking of you on the 23rd. And of course, the pinch pots are treasures…xoxo


  2. Marci, If you do some rehab post surgery and go to the pool at the Elk’s, after your rehab, you can pay $35.00 per month to go and swim, work out, etc., during the free swim times, and they are plenty. Very good work out for your knee, yet very pain free and fun as well! Or, your doctor can keep writing scripts for rehab, and you won’t pay anything, except what your insurance won’t.


  3. arthritis in the knees is a bugger. me too.
    but belly dancing? my goodness you brave, brave woman!
    growing up we had a family friend who was a belly dancer, she had long red hair and also decorated cakes for a living… i used to want to grow up to be her. i got the red hair thing at least.


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