Friday Five: Sneaky Friday

RevKJarla has this week’s prompt for the Friday Five:

Who knew it was the Second Friday of the month?
Thank goodness something reminded me, but my apologies for the late post. I have been busy getting ready for Blizzard Nemo (really, 24 inches in Boston? Why on earth don’t I have a snow blower???) and pondering life transitions–oh, but enough about me.

How about you?

1) What is sneaking up on you, and what have you been thinking about?
Apparently LENT. Ash Wednesday this coming week? What? I have the bulletin done. Worship Committee has it all in hand, but still. Wasn’t it just Christmas?
Also I have a few deadlines still looming, and getting closer. So am working on those. I am also very excited about them, so it is not a bad thing in any way.

2) What will you have for lunch today?
I will eat at whatever restaurant I see on the drive out to the cemetery for a graveside service. (No onions or garlic…) This weekend, we get to celebrate the life of a great man. Will miss him. Thankful for the chance to have known him.

3) If you were to get snowed in for two days, and you need to hunker down, what essentials and treats would you store up?
Would try to get phone/computer/etc as charged as possible in case of power outage. Our pantry appears to be stocked for an apocalypse most days, (no matter how many times my kids stare at it and yell “we have no food”),  but would make sure we had fruit, stuff for salad, tortillas, cheese, pizza supplies, tortilla chips, and fresca. Maybe some oreos, just in case.

4) Tell me a story about one awesome thing you have experienced in the last couple of weeks.
The last few weeks have been great for me on all kinds of levels, so this is hard to narrow down. (What a good problem to have!) Had great continuing education last month that restored my soul on all kinds of levels.

I also had the opportunity to speak at the state capitol as a religious voice in support of human rights for people who are gay, lesbian, and transgender. That was a privilege and honor. Very humbling.

5) What is your favorite office supply to splurge on? (now THAT is random, right?)

I don’t really splurge on office supplies. I have a good friend who does, however, so I am the recipient of fun file folders, binder clips, binders, etc from her.  I do love Sharpie pens, not the big fat ones, but these:

sharpie copy

I splurge more on tech. Speaking of…my phone battery can’t hold a charge past noon. Guess we see what my next purchase will be.

9 thoughts on “Friday Five: Sneaky Friday

  1. You’re right. Lent starts *this week*. Cue obsessive listening of long soteriologically laden piece of classical music. I’m kind of overdosed on Bach’s Matthew Passion, but I’m thinking maybe Elijah this year?


  2. Yeah, I thought of getting everything electronic charged up as well. My only other thought of “emergency supplies” came to me when I realized that, even though it’s a chilly, grey, rainy day, I have to go get kitty litter. Because.


  3. Those are also currently my favorite pens. I wonder if they come in other colors? hmm…perhaps a trip to office max is in my future! The runner up is the V5 rollerball pen…for when I don’t need to write on anything shiny. 🙂


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