So long, 2012

Dear readers,

As we reach the end of another year, I’d like to pause and thank you for reading this blog, for sharing its posts on Facebook and Twitter, and for engaging me in the comments.  You have corrected me when I relied on lazy assumption, and you have supported me when things got personal.

I cannot fully express how humbling it is to reflect on the fact that people, other than my parents (who have to read my writing), or spammers would take the time to read my writing. What started out as a place to post my sermons so I would have them all in one place has become a community I value and would never have expected.

So, where ever you are as this new year dawns, I pray that you will be quick to notice blessings and kindness, challenged to live what you believe, and empowered to participate in the grace that has saved us.

Know how thankful I am for you, whether I know you in real life or only through this blog. Thank you for being a part of Glass Overflowing.

Happy New Year!


N.B… “participate in the grace that has saved you” is a line from my favorite book by Marilynne Robinson, Gilead. Adapted here with gratitude for her brilliant writing which inspires me always.

9 thoughts on “So long, 2012

  1. Hello Rev Marci,

    I discovered your blog via Billie Farley & Madeline Buckendorf – college chums of mine who posted your sermons on Facebook. So much of what you say/write speaks to me. Though I am an active parishioner of St Michael’s Episcopal Cathedral, downtown Boise, I was raised at Boone Pres over in Caldwell….so all of it is really part of my own spirit. I eagerly read your sermon each week, for a deeper understanding of what the day holds for me.

    Thank you for your words, thoughts, lessons…and may 2013 bring you many Blessings and joy.

    Happy 2013 to you !
    Melissa C Williams
    Boise, Idaho


  2. That you take the time to blog is mind boggling. I wrote down the name of the book to download it on my Nook. I will admit to thinking when I saw the title, one of my very favorite songs, “There Is A Balm In Gilead”, that soothes the sin filled soul…..Thanks for encouraging us every week.


  3. Dear, dear Marci – your sermons and your blogs give me so much to ponder. Your ideas, theology and different (and always interesting) points of view fill a need I didn’t know I had. Thanks!
    Fondly, Clarice


  4. Having been raised in a different faith, not a bad one, just different, I love your take on scriptures and issues. I continue to learn much from you, and appreciate your hard work. I always share your sermons with others in my family who aren’t presbyterians.


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