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Whose Religious Freedom?

I spoke this weekend at the Community Progressive event in Julia Davis Park. Here’s a recap of my remarks, updated in light of the Supreme Court ruling today. There seems to be some confusion in our political and cultural discourse lately about what, exactly, constitutes “religious freedom”. The idea of religious freedom is deeply coded…

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Gift of Sabbath

A sermon preached at Southminster Presbyterian Church on June 28, 2014 (This was at our Saturday Evening Sabbath Service. We’ll be doing this, instead of Sunday worship, the last week of each month.) Exodus 18:13-27 Thank you for being here tonight. I truly am grateful for your willingness to try something very different. I know…

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Buffer Zones around Women’s Rights

The Supreme Court today unanimously (!) overturned 35 foot buffer zones to protect women from being harassed by anti-choice protesters outside women’s health clinics. (They did split 5-4 on whether there should be any buffer zones at all, but the overturning of the Massachusetts law was unanimous). There had been a 35 foot buffer zone…