“Approval” Guest Reflection for STARward

Here is our first STARward guest reflection on a Star word. From Dawn who writes:

“I was given quite the word for my very first ever Star Word…Approval.
What an interesting word for me, specifically, at this very moment in my life.

There are four support staff in my office…two legal assistants and two paralegals.  The two legal assistant positions are being eliminated to create a new paralegal position.  My job and the job of my office mate are being eliminated.  My last day with the office is February 1, 2013 after over two years of employment.  I have applied for the new paralegal position that has been created at the expense of two current staff …just like 30 other people who will be applying for the same job.  I should be okay regarding finances.  I know how to do this part.  I will get unemployment and a decent severance package as far as the state goes.

Webster tells us the definition of Approval is:

1. A favorable opinion or feeling about something;
2.  Formal or official agreement or permission.

There are several things I am thinking regarding my employer.  It is what it is and that is what I must remember – without bitterness.

With the events of January 3, 2013 still fresh and raw, I really don’t feel like my supervisors and bosses are exuding any form of approval regarding me and my office buddy.

I am of the opinion that approval of me, my work, self-esteem…blah blah blah…must start with me.  I should not need to go looking for approval in my life…although I often do go looking without much success.  Listed are the things that do not require the approval of my employer:
My ability to be a good mom
My gray hair
My faith
My ability to be a good friend
Being a good nurse
Love of Diet Coke

To be continued….”

Thank you for sharing, Dawn. Looking forward to seeing how the word continues to speak to you through this year of transition. Prayers for the journey.

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