Lament Psalm 27

This is Ann Weem’s Psalm of Lament I used in the Good Friday service.

From her book “Psalms of Lament” (Westminster John Knox Press)

O God of my heart

it is your name I call

when the stars do not come out.

O God of my soul,

it is to you I turn

when the torrents of terror

drown me.

O God of mercy,

it is for your hand I reach

when I stumble

on the stones of sorrow.

O God of justice,

it is to you I cry

when the landslide of grief

buries me.

I stand beneath the night

where stars used to shine

and remember

gazing mesmerized

at the luminaries of the sky

until I could walk

the ink-blue beach

between their shining.

Then their shining stopped,

for they left the sky,

and you, O God,

left with them.

And I am left


beneath a starless sky

with a starless heart

that barely beats.

Will your stars

never shine again?

Will they never again

speak of your mystery?

Will they never again sing

their songs

to my soul?

Will I never again know

the wonder

of the God

of star and sky?

O God of my heart,

peel back the night

and let the starlight

pour out upon

my upturned face.

Let my eyes drink

a sky of stars.

Let my heart bathe

in the stunning light

until my soul sings again

with the conviction

of the faithful.

In your mercy and justice,

O God of my heart,

call me by name,

and the stars will shine

once more,

as they did

on that morning

when they first began

to sing.

2 thoughts on “Lament Psalm 27

  1. How grateful am I for God’s magnitude in forgiving me, and in watching over my family. It used to be a very complicated matter, 35 years of my life as a mormon woman, and don’t get me wrong, for those worshipping there, for my father, who finds purpose in life there, I am at peace. But for me, I’ve never had such sincere peace, knowing that God knows my heart, and knowing he will care for me even when I am too arrogant to care spiritually for myself. I love Southminster, and it’s family of love and care. I love it’s acceptance of those who do not fully accept themselves. The good news is God cares. The good news is I’m learning to care for people not like myself. Thank you.


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