Friday Five: All that you can’t leave behind

The prompt over at Revgals today is what are five key essentials where you live.

My somewhat snarky answer would be a patagonia down puffy jacket (or North Face works too) because that does seem to be the uniform of Boiseans in my neighborhood.

But how about this list instead.

1. Blue and Orange clothing.

I have adopted the hometown team and now cheer for Boise State. In 4 short years, I’ve acquired a jacket, sweatshirt, t-shirt, and hat.

Here’s a picture of me before my first Boise State Football game!

2. Inner tubes, rafts, or kayaks

Boise has lots of rivers nearby, and in the summer, they are full of people. So it is worth the investment to buy an inflatable raft. You can take it to Barber Park, use their compressors to inflate it, and then float down the Boise river in a parade of floating people. They even have a shuttle that will ferry you back to your car after the float.
For the more intrepid, like my husband, in the summer, you can turn your garage in to a kayak storage unit, and then go kayak on the Payette. Those rapids stress me out a little, but it is fun. In its own scary way.

3. Low profile lawn chairs.

I have attended some great concerts at some great outdoor venues and the low profile chairs are more comfortable than picnic blankets on the lawn. These chairs have also been used at Idaho Shakespeare Festival. (for more about that, see number 4).

See how much more comfortable my friend Julie and I are in our lawn chairs than the people behind us on the blanket?

4. Season Tickets to Shakespeare.

Idaho Shakespeare Festival is one of my favorite things about Boise. You can bring a picnic dinner to enjoy with friends, and then watch Shakespeare (and other plays) under the stars. The theater is down by the river, just east of town, so sometimes a fox or coyote enters the play, walking behind the stage.

5. Winter Gear.

And even though we haven’t used them much this winter, I suppose I should mention winter gear. Ice scrapers for the car, shovel for the sidewalk, boots, warm coats, blah, blah, blah.

I do love winter, when I’m drinking hot espresso in my living room, looking out the window at the snow fall. I love the joy of my children in the midst of snowball fights. But you’ll have to bring your own snow excitement when you come visit. My husband and the boys will take you skiing.

3 thoughts on “Friday Five: All that you can’t leave behind

  1. Marci, I haven’t the stomach for usual kayaking, so one year we purchased a Hobi Kayak, which is an above the water boat, two person, for us, with room for our dog. We don’t take it on moving waters, and have found considerable joy in just taking one day excursions to lakes or ponds. It is propelled by foot power, actually really easy, or, we can use paddles as well, and have a sun umbrella for me and the dog, miniature dachshund Sammy. We take it by the Greenbelt as well, and it’s a nice diversion for financially challenged folks like us.


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