I think a true sign of genius is recognizing a brilliant idea when one of your friends comes up with it, and then immediately incorporating it into your life.

I’m about to do that here.

As many of you may have read in my last post, A Year of Practice, on Epiphany Sunday at Southminster, we pass out stars that each have a word written on them. . These words hopefully will give people a different way to approach their prayer life. Is God, perhaps, speaking to them through the particular word they got when they grabbed their star?

My experience this past year with my word was very powerful. You can read that reflection here.

Many of you requested Star words for your own pondering.


The stars you have requested so far.

And this is the moment when I am stealing my friend Sarah Leer’s great idea. Sarah suggested I ask people to reflect on their Star words this year and then share their thoughts with others.

So, this post introduces my new and hopefully recurring feature. If you have received a word (or would like one) and would be willing to publicly reflect on your experience with your word this year, please let me know. If you have your own blog, you can publish it, and I can cross post it. Or if you don’t have a blog, you can be a guest writer on mine.

Doesn’t this sound like fun?!

Who’s in?

213 thoughts on “STARward

  1. I’m in! I think having to be held accountable is scary but something I need. To write on your blog would simply entail writing in this “Leave a Reply” box, right?

    My word is “peace.”


  2. I like this idea of blogging starward reflections! Although I already have a couple of themes to guide my year, I suppose a star word couldn’t hurt. Kindly send one to me, Marci.


  3. I need a word!

    Incidentally, I am stealing this idea, kind of. I have made “word cards” that I’m going to pass out to the congregation where I’m doing pulpit supply this Sunday. (I’m incorporating it into the children’s message.) I used the words we generated on the very first RevGal Big Event!


  4. I just told my niece about Starwords this morning. I thought you should start a Starword App so people could get an automated word and share their experience with it. This is a lot easier. I’m in.


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  6. I completely love my church home. I do wish we did Star Words! Maybe I can be an honorary Southminster member! I would love a word πŸ™‚


  7. This is one of the many things that I love about the people of God, when a great idea springs up, and without any proprietary strangeness, it grows and flourishes. I would love a star word and I’d be grateful for the list. Thanks for feeding us all.
    Peace, Mandy


  8. Oh, I would love a word! A friend of mine is a word artist and I’ll share mine with her, too, and see what we come up with. She lives in another state and we’re always keeping an eye out for creative projects we can do together over the distance. She doesn’t blog, but I do, at (and I got here via The Clutter Museum blog).


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      • No worries about the delay. Thank you so much for this word. It’s just the word I needed, having just begun a new job and I was wondering about my competence!


        Sent from my iPhone


  10. these songs tore me apart. these words described me waiting with β€œSarah” for the monthly phone call that let me down. these words described this vision I once had of God having perfect plans for my life but not coming through. they describe me looking up at cloudy skies hoping that sun would shine through; hoping I could sing again.


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  16. I would love to do this with my congregation! We are in the midst of a revitalization process and need to focus beyond ourselves. This would be a great way to help them with the process!! Could you send me a list of words? Blessings!!!


  17. I’m sitting here cutting out star words… but I think I’d like you to draw one. Then I’ll post on it and invite others to participate via my blog. πŸ™‚


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  19. Would you choose a word for me, and please may I have your file with the star words so that I might also use this in my congregation, or at least the list of words? (I am going to try and see if I can make it up so I can print and cut on my Silhouette Cameo.) Thank you!


      • Marci – I felt a little stunned by “generosity” since I have just gone through 4 years of “giving” to the last jot and tittle – as family moved back in, their many bills have had to be paid. I have had to nurse family member through 3 major surgeries, and pay those bills and hope for insurance. I have had primary care of a granddaughter much of the time. We just added another family member in need. I’ve nearly depleted my retirement savings,
        it strikes me that all this giving must not have been with the happiest heart. I’ve begun to rethink what I know of generosity. And perhaps I need to be generous to myself…
        Very interesting to explore. Merci, Marcia


  20. Hi Marci,
    Happy New Year! Will you be running this project again this year? I got a word last year and it provided some really great reflection points and ideas for me in 2013. Would love to do it again!


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      • Just now getting back here to check on my word. I had star words available for the congregation where I filled in last week and drew a word with them, too. BOTH words are fitting for me, and I will use both of them through the year. Thank you, Marci, for sharing this great opportunity for grace and growth with us.

        And, unrelated, when I was reading your post reflecting on your word “Patience,” I noted that you have a son named Alden. I’m wondering if this is a family name as a descendant of John Alden. I am one such person :), and several of my relatives have named family members Alden. Just wondered if we might be kin!


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  24. Marci,
    I am starting to write with my word ‘heart’ in mind.
    I have a blog and can create a special blog for this or COMMENT here. What makes the most sense as I would like to share as much as possible
    Thank you.


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  27. thank you for the stars! I used them in worship today and will make use of them with our session. My star word is perspective, not one I would have chosen, but I’m anxious to see what God is going to do with it!


  28. I have been cooking up a storm today for our family’s annual epiphany celebration tomorrow. I would love to have a “word” to add to my epiphany observance this year.


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  30. Marci –
    First, I know my wordpress account is terribly outdated; I moved in April and am pondering a new direction for a blog, now living in New Mexico after a life in Michigan/Indiana/Ohio.

    at any rate, I’d greatly appreciate the list of words for Epiphany Stars. I love the idea, and think it will work well in the congregation I’m now serving. I’m on fb too,


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  32. Hi Marci, I found you via Worshiping with Children. Last week we asked the children at our Childrens’ mass to generate star words for us. They wrote them on the stars we made. I am just now laminating the stars to distribute to the adult congregation tomorrow. Some are virtually illegible (some very small people joined in) but all are thought provoking. Please may I have a word for myself for 2016, and if it’s possible the complete list of grown up words in case I’m asked for more tomorrow.
    Thank you so much for the inspiration – you are a star!


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